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with tubercle, and were best preserved in the bone-marrow where the tubercles were
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liver inoculated into a third chick, which, unfortunately, w'as not a clean bird in that
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drinking-water supplies ia tropical climates." Animal Report of tftc Kiiuj Itistitute of Frcvcittive Medicine,
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(b) Title (within a tingle line) : Here Folo-/wetli a Compeadyoui Be-/
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travels, more than 300 years ago, in his Introduction of Knowledge,
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Man and certain Domestic Animals in the Sudan together
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. Thft Midi of John Irwin's otpiMcb, if solely caused by hydi^
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Boorde believes in Hbe noble realme of England' (p. 116, 144),
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Bimlith Baronetage, 1T4I, vol. i. p. 455, > Jemcgnn or Jernlnghnm. of Owey,
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One. two. thre. foore. fyne. eyx. seuen. eyght. nyna OMtuian (or
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"The faecal organisms present should consist mainly of mixtures of Class III. and
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Apart from actual death, degeneration and vacuolisation may make leucocytes almost
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ulcer. So chronic are the changes -which are sometimes met with, that a close resemblance
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present in all specimens examined. There was about one parasite per film. The length
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to the work of Eogers- in India, one has been on the look-out for cases of this kind. "^'^ s'=ig<5 of
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not represent an accidental contamination Vjy some form of yeast cell, considering that the
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films obtained. There were many parasites in tlie mononuclears. Cells like degenerated
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of Cami)ridge, of a new spirocluete in the African buffalo. I'rofessor Nuttall's original
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