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, .btvii. chapter.* The Latyna or the ItalioHS, the Lom-
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probably the spleen becomes infected before the liver.
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be portions of the cytoplasm of fragmented hosl-cells (macrophages). It is difficult
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undermined edges, and flat, dense and fissured crusts. The pus was thick and yellow or
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King Francis again prepared for war." — Penny Cydopadia, vi. 500,
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but caused Iha Martesto be keptc at Calyea,' — C7in>Bu'Ir, p.
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^Dtomologie und Helminthologie des Menschlichen Koer-
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of bad smells was tlie chief drawback to the eDJoyment of the prospect."
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two Hagellates result. Prior to division, enlargement of the tropho- and kinetonuclei
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man and the black. It is Eay Lankester who has said that if we could only apply our
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insanitary purposes whereby the subsoil water is apt to be contaminated.
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Howbeit, it doth replete the stomacke with ventosyte.
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nes9* Unhappily, on inquiry, this supposition ww not ground*