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into balls and hung up in the Inkl, pieces being broken oft' as reijuired. These fish balls
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great variation in the susceptibility of the individual animal. They found no attenuation in
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pushing it from him at the same time in a gende manner, ac-
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the results obtained might materially assist the medical officer of health in the Tropics in
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of the albumen; but if a quantity of water be added, the coagn*
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water and incubating at 22 C. These bodies very much resemble the preceding, but '" "^^'" ^'^'"^
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now why a womun ie named a woman, I wyll shewo my mynde.
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(5) Can fowl lice (Menopon sp. ) act as vectors' If one could prove these ecto-parasites
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man to vse and eschewe, in his famihar conuorsation. A works very
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placea, as well Frencho as Doche ; for it lyeth betwyxt*
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all in blacke Satyn, with scalop sbelles of gold in their breastcs." —
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went about to make my self whole, I dyd take the pouder folowynge :
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honeycombed. Such water is always impure from a chemical
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Flaandrea, in Holonde, in Brabant, and Selande ; 'hit
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and which seems in most respects comparable to that descrii)od by Leishman for
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•1 speAkofthe serosity in its entire state, as procured in the manner
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protoplasm staining blue and containing a chromatin mass, and what appeared to be an
there was only 13 feet of sand in a vertical direction, and 90 feet of presumably porous
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Chnrynge / Croue./ *{ Cum priullegio nd imprimen-Zduni solum.
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The first had a short course of quinine, apparently about 25 grains a day, for five days.
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30 yards away from one of them. This, too, apart from the important question of the
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Dauney's Extracts from Accounts in his Ancient Scotish Melodies, Edinb.
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staining kinetonucleus, and, in addition, a circular or oval body of a delicate pink colour,
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.lemma, Di Cristina, u. Cannata (1910). — " Experimentelle Infektiou mit Leishmania Infantum lici Hunden."