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puncture, and tlie difficulty was probably due to a thickened capsule. By giving a few
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from groee meatea ; go not vnto bedde ' with a fill nor ' mi
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spirochaetes. It is of sjiecial interest to note that whereas a first inoculation of this
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Agealed in boiling water, it ia re-^asohred, except a email
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Part I. Andrew Boorde's Works and tho Editions of them 11
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which eventually pass into the clubbed and swollen involution forms so characteristic of
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the »»»«e given to this disease by the Western Arabs.
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a culture made from the mucous membrane around tlie ulcer in tire large intestine
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Romaynes doth say, to the which pyller al those that be possessed of
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organisms in Class I. are more commonly met with, because pollution is constantly being
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" 5^ The .214 Chapitrc doth ehew^e of intemperance.
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* Dr. Squires bos since kindly informed mc that the case turned out to be one of stone in the kidney.
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no reward, neyther of Lorde, nor of Prynter, nor of no man lyuing."
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malaria must yearly reach Khartoum, the majority of which are able to serve as
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abundantly evident from the following list of publications, which I eitract
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bowles in an aly : whnn all this is fynysshed, and tho
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that thqr (August 9) five years; that she had not sl^pt or
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altboogh the diebetea melUtos 19 described in the bopha of both
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mixture agitated, the coagulum is entirely re-dissolved, and the
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Also, a parke repleted with dere & conyea is a neceesarye Pwk with im
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" Also, it is naturally geuen, or els it is of a deuellyshe dysposi-
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that, to me, they looked more like spirochaetes than anything else, but that I was unable to
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for them the < whiche doth pretende to tranayle the
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my iudge, yff I know ■what 1 myght do (lat myght be acceptable to
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ponegaroBides, Milke &, Ilony, Figgca and Raysins, and
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bo redy I Wo must ho meri while our maystor' is furth ; our maistres*
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Stagnant pools and even a water-logged soil may eventually be caused by irrigation when
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broadest part, i« e. around the ligature, one inch wide*
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man a hoola Wekc ; for ho shall haue, whan I was thcr, ix. kakys
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The patient underwent the operation pretty well, akhongh
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In view of the fact, however, that conjugation was never observed, one must look
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Ksemoptysis was complained of by one patient, who showed no physical signs of impossibility
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the French in 1650, the Lothbury edition must have been after that
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man good pastyme. And better is for the hounded or um doge eet 'em
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ged, and their bottoms doughy. In herpes also the vesicles
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In sections stained by Ziehl-Nielsen, acid-fast bacilli were found fco be present in
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patient were covered by multiple boils, several of which were suppurating. There was also
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cultivation on different culture media, and the recent researches of Cappellani'' who has
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has tried in three cases as will be found recorded in his attached paper to which these
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cells, might apply to our sections of the small growth first removed and studied.
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lattise window, whorof theyr pmuerbe sayoth, In Ifema rait piu la piUanii,
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In Case I., in all probability, too strong a vaccine was employed to produce immediate
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Woman, geue me bread I Neketta^ ten lit hallechem I
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playn of Salysbury is the stonege, whyche is certayne
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bodies was observed. In stained tilms, " spore " forms found. One corpuscle seen with a gap in it and, hard
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characteristics of a mild case were present. We know that the blood in cases of typhus
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The average age of those aifected was about 18 years, the eldest being about 40 and Age, sex and
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forms were seen, usually of considerable size [h] and also a curious oblong appearance