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Hungarye. — Mandeville's Voiage and Travaile, p. 7, ed. 1839.

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sera in high dilutions will agglutinate the typhoid bacillus. (Porter and Fleischner.)

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mnnle old men doo weare ao beards at all." — Sarriion'i Detcrijit'ian of Ea^-

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halfe a yere of age be praysed. olde pecockes be harde

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drawffhtetf p. 2.%, I. 4 from foot, must mean 'privies*. 'A draught or

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interest in veterinary medicine, and there is, at present, a lack of machinery for educating

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except his mouth, to cool the heat of his blood." p. 45, ed. Rowland,

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and motionless, killed outright by the drug. Some look and move like ordinary

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tumor had totally disappeared; and were divided in our ideas

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one larger one, the karyosome, generally a little separated from the others, which

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words of Bameg in Defence of the Berde which we quoted abovo, p.

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Hammes, and liyshanko, Newman^ brydge, & a hlockO'

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iiifesto^ them more there than in any other place, or at

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marchauntes of Enghmd do fetch of the erth of Ii'londe hduiuh

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that is good, oughto not bo to hardo nor to softo, but

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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

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may be probable. If this can be ascertained, much will be gain-

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Those who contend for Boorde's authorship of this book are

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power ia but small. Ue kepeth no house, lyueth priuatcly, b

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19 — 25. Parasites. No intra-corpuscular forms found. Distributed about the slides, but usually more or less