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from left to right. The waving filament, already mentioned, was seen projecting from the ciuitre of the larger
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At the periphery of the lymphoid follicles and at their base are the masses illustrated
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an illustration is given of segmented granular coccus forms grown on LoefSer's serum, bacillus
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" Satiirdai/. T(M]i|)eraturo 995 F. in the morning. Felt better, jiowols had not
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2. That no acid and gas should be formed in 24 hours in MacConkey's medium at
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stronge and hardy / but I do aduertyse euery man, for E^i^^n".
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believed in prognostications and astronomers' prophecies iu.Boorde'a
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clinker, but to cherish the memory of these things and to keep himself abreast of aU
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effective. A tape can also be used, passed through the edge of the cover, and pulled tight
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" 4. The examinations made refer only to the water under existing conditions, though it is believed that the
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that the Indian work is in the right direction and that it has been carried out with
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During the sanitary year, 1909-10, there occurred amongst the civil population of
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Eyght wel, blessed be God ! Tre^bien, benoyst soyt Dieu!*
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5. Mannite broth. In 1 per cent, mannite broth with Durham's tube, the cocco-bacillus
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London for Raufe S'ewbory dwelling in Fleetestreate a little aboue
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was the only one which lived long enough to become infected with the disease, further
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who are willing to profess this branch of knowledge. Furthermore, such men must be
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geiienilise on a eoin])iinitively small numl>er o£ oliservations.
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an avenge upwards of 500* The Sun^eans have beef served
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prepuce, were suggested by the brief, but accurate remains, of
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, .btvii. chapter.* The Latyna or the ItalioHS, the Lom-
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ment. And tho other is by a water to corrode & to eat« away tho
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is the fayrest ileah shamblea that is in Chri'st«ndome. ^athoMtt,
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probably the spleen becomes infected before the liver.
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When the patient had been removed to hospital, the tukl, etc., was burnt under
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or about, the sayd cytyes or townea, wyth many other
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what wife so euer she bee. Insomuch that I haue scene yonge men of
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be portions of the cytoplasm of fragmented hosl-cells (macrophages). It is difficult
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undermined edges, and flat, dense and fissured crusts. The pus was thick and yellow or
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King Francis again prepared for war." — Penny Cydopadia, vi. 500,
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