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spirit for a year, but otherwise lias always been healthy. No venereal history obtainable
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'~' This passage m omitted in (he Lothbury edition of 1<
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respect to God his creatour, and to hia neyghboni, which ia eiiery
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inBtanoos from the I3th century, is, in fact, the Second Tale in the
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dark, and suggest tlie presence of a stained matrix Imlding tlic granules together. The
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this kind, while one should never dissociate the blood examination from the clinical
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fed on a fowl with a heavy spiroc^ infection. No bodies in fowl's blood.
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Belfe frome syckcnes (with goddos hclpe) as well in Phisicke as in
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dcrs there be many fayro towues : aa Gawut, Burges, & (aiimL Brugii.}
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each time of twins, from the the fourth to the end of the seventh
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natnral ellbrts gained him no farther advantage, that the drain-
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breade.* And who ao doth^vae toeate/Aesecondecruslfl
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solution of dimethylamidoazobenzol, a rich pink colour, sufficiently intense to show the
If the corpuscular infection is multiple the bodies may pass each other, may unite or
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Infra^^cbitary fbramen, I considered it a liopeless experiment to
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in the smaller forms of the jJai'^site. Bodies resembling the so-called cysts of trichomonas
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In doing this it was found ad\'isable to avoid the ])iesence of air bubbles in the
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the latter from the red cells. In such cases I have seen the infection increase, possibly
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' " Dr Bordc's friend and b^^nefactor at Lynn itas William Conyn^by, Efq.,
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tbem. About 30,000 Mussulmans of all ages and both sesea
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under abnormal conditions and that the fact that it was heated probably explaiaed this
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cryptococcus and named Saccharomi/ces farciminosus by Eivolta.
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examined it was still present. There were also some enlarged lymphoid follicles with
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§ 86, 86.] FORKWORDS, BOORDE IN SCOTLAND, 1536-7. 61
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Against this view, however, is the striking fact that in the Sudan, as in India, the
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Death frequently i-esults in the case of fowls in the "after phase," or as one may now free spiro-
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