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permitted to go out of the bounds of their Monosleriee, except thoir
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Enta)nveba histolytica (Schaudinn) ; the latter, in an interesting case occurring at Atbara,
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into a greate vessel of colde wator, or to put Kettles in tho codpeeco
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and Savage err in omission as well as in commission. He says: "Take the organism
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Routine observations, as regards the temperature of the water for different wells tested,
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groae. Fysshe of muddy waters be not good for them. oTmDd-i
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the chronic, and he considers that the former, which affects young dogs and lasts from 3 to
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Spriiner'a Reformation Jfap of Europe in the middle of the 16th
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old. Samples of same batch of larvae showed granules but no spirochetes.
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eastern world. This was the beginning of European trade with India.
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very degenerate or possibly parasitic. Stained by iron hiBmatoxylin and orange the
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present but had boon missed, are we to assmne that the blood of the inoculated chick was in
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individual houses. In tlie third class quarters, liornes Fontaines were erected. These,
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eliminate malaria, and the question of a tubercle infection is then considered. Eventually, in
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tTniMmwd iireii t^HH^SIMH flower without leiijTi ia slowe of dy-
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with remarks on that disease. By William Henry, M. D. 155
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that the slight jclegree of opacity which it naturally possesses
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a large city is the strongest of stercoraries. To employ the town in manuring the plain
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" Etther the man was tax bejond his time, or the mon of the
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me, for what cause that thou doest possesse this woman ! * what
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i« good Kina 1 haue good wyne, and good EnglyaLe bere ;
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IT Olyues condyted, and eaten at the begynnjrnge oiiren.
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eatjTigo of grose meales, the ivhiche be harde and slom
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a nowo galey ; bauiugo such a staple of timber (wiiycbo in the water
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malignant tertian parasites were found in this case.
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letting those matters pass (notwithstanding I have rend elsewhere*
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ed. 1B39), Ur Huth'« Inte MK poem quotnd above, p. IBS, of which Ibe hsud-
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quantity. An experiment of a similar kind was made with pure
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A week later, another couple appeared on his left clieek. All began to enlarge and redden,
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human spirocha9tal blood. The chromatin is well marked in it, and, as will be seen, it
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Boorde's pilgrimage to, and abode in, Compostella wo have noticed
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bryng forth good come, Lerbes, frutes, and metals. Tho
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bad come under my observatbn were situated within the pre*
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was diminished, and it is worth remembering that Eogers, Leishman, Statham, and other
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has no Dedication. But the colophon of this 1547 edition says that
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" for ray trauellyng in, thorow, and round about Eiirop, 'whiclie I
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popular Preacher. Baleman, Bishop of Norwich, procured the I
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don't you {p. 275). Eahbita, sucking ones, are the beat wild beasts'
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accord vnder ane prince, as it is onpossibil that tna sonnis and tua snnnis can
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readily, by digesting the coagulated serum in boiling water. If
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altered. Such a force hath education to make or mnrre." — The De-
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Wi'dkiifug was noticeable in all cases, but especially in the very acute, while in the
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ing in John Irwin's case, carried only to the extent of 15 oz.
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yolkea of eggai, & ryce 8ode« in almon mylke. P.]
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fess dian before: at its inferior part there was a slight red efflo*>
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the latter tends to lash and shake itself out of focus.
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Feeding experiments with the bed-bug [Giniex lectnlariiis) were carried out in Cases 1
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