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gravity of water in which air is contained in considerable quantit}', or through wliich it is

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spirochtetosis, although kept in close proximity to infected fowls, and, no doubt, frequently

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' " That Andrew was oonnected with Tevensey by residence [7] and pro-

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consideration. One felt doubtful about the whole scheme. There might be little evidence

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is not unworthy of attention, via. that all the examples of extraordinary fast-

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in the margins of the ulcer but few parasites were present and these totally disappeared

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seemed to threaten suffocation, induced me to dissuade her from

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The compaaae of Englaod round about by the townes on thi

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IT Tho .iii. oapytlo dothe shewo in what members or places in

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cutaneous Leishmaniosis which it was possible to study in greater detail and which

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VlII dedicated the church on the ISlhof November IG26, a hundred and

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Prince : in that very place where her bloud was shed, this Spring sprang

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The pustules were also punctured, but apart from the presence of diplococci nothing of

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Good lyfe bo to you, mastrea ! Bona vila, ma dona !

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Owing to the fact that kala-azar is still a somewhat uncommon disease in the Sudan,

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often not obeyed, and I have met many cases, three hours after being punctured, walking

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Ht p. Ix»!i there, from Siiviehold Ordinancri, p. 178-9, In Nioolas'g Privy

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the sections are stained, exhibits large fibrinous contents ; the tissue otherwise also contains

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Marsh Miasmata in Pulmonary Diseases, with two remarka*

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JJno.tioo. tre. quater. siiieo. si. sertO'f. octo. nono.

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% For this matter vse dormitary, and reiraino from auch matters

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praysc & laud it, and so wold euery man, yf they dyd

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Now followeth the preparing of Serpents : Take a mountain Serpent,

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a well-marked nucleus showing a well-marked karyosome, closely resembling the young

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ing rta very Dnr«ful work, not reading hii proofs or revises with hia MS, and

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Peregrination, — printed by Heamo in the 2nd vol. of Beiiediclug

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Tnipanosoma rotatorium present, without extensive search or cultivation in each instance,

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sugars, liquefaction of gelatine, and acid production in milk are of so permanent a type that

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Nicolle and Manceaux (1909). — " Resistance du singe au virus du kala-azar apres passage de ce virus par le singe."

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clear glistening oval i)ody about 28/u by 18^, containing numerous grains of what is

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eomraeth out of* the water.* Gentjll bakere, make good

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^as dried by a heat sufficient to reduce it to a half charred

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She lemained mder hb care six weeks; duriog whicb tine re*

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A motile body presenting a filament was watched for one hour. After an interval of two and three-quarter

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Martyn, shewyngo' the cause of thb laste myBchaunco. Wherupon

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The papules were repeatedly punctured for the purpose of ascertaining whether

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sketched for us from the original Italian by our good friend Mr "W.

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Montreal — 101, Coristine Building, St. Nicholas Street.

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