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Lower, Parasitic Granuloma in, two forms of, 210-11

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The table has been prepared by Mr. J. A. Goodson, our Assistant Chemist, who has charge

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who heads Mr Lower's pedigree of tho family in vol. vi of the Siixnex

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■eetoii, at Pereniey, commool; called Penaej', in fiuaeex, and not unlikclj

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as near as possible together, and a fold of lint placed over them,

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1st, Udaka mehe. — UdaAa in Sanscrit and Pali signifies wa-^

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to record the most prominent symptom at the time of death. This explains the inclusion

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these points is to be found in the clinical condition of the patient. Further, in the

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cases treated by autogenous vaccines. The most marked result of vaccine treatment was

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Mr. Alanson, was consulted, and agreed with me in thinking

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like masses present in certain lesions in animals, notably the horse, cow and hog, and

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Swab taken and sent for examination. A gargle of potassium chlorate and carbolic

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His c ou ntenance is £iAen, but appearances of doing well are

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October 24, 1910. Has recently increased in weight. By sick convoy to Khartoum.

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persisting, the spirochaetes recur. This may happen on several occasions.

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Cases ef Tic Douloureux cured by Arsenic; Tumors of the Tongue

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preceding section. This account also gives details as to motility and the filament

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very prominent abdomen, which was tight as a drum. The skin was somewhat dry