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that have been before iind around me while this work has been going

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"1 1'^ are breast-fed, and so far as Khartoum is concerned, the question chiefly affects the

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raised his voice in the desert. The native is intelligent, and readily appreciates the value

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At first the case was regarded as an indefinite type of pneumonia but, as will be seen

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therefore, were made to pass over, and in some degree com-

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or his intestines are affected as well, he may exhibit no physical signs at all and the spiky

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sA strap was so attached, that it could be readily twistedf

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informs me, was in all probability Lep».< hawkeri. In its blood I found micro-filarise

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December 4, 1909. Progress very satisfactory. Ulcers on the gum and under the tongue

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to thenile, that great men may laugh therat*/ I haue denj-aed thia

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lar action of the digestive organs, as Mr. Abemethy surmises.

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Henrrthe .TUL' Ball taji: 'In this yere [A.d. 1631 J wa« an

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a half years. The patient has been very closely questioned on these points and is very ofa type not

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had, however, lasted only four months. On being informed that

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9. That all the angareebs used by the soldiers and police be placed, uncovered,

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has been in use the difficulty has disappeared, and we have been able in these laboratories

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informs me, was in all probability Lep».< hawkeri. In its blood I found micro-filarise

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gut, some calcareoiis. The upper part of the small intestine was very translucent, and

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Fair spirochtete infection. Small tangles in the blood. Given 0025 gramme '" 606 " iu oil subeutAucously.

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doth comforte (/je brayne^ & doth qiuJyfye the hcate of

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the tongue rather white, but she had little thirst: her skin was

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examined at intervals for a month and tnore. Both birds recovered completely after

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diphtheria antitoxin were given subcutaueously about 7 p.m. The ulcers were

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beleeue there is do man eo eloqneal, nor Indaed with such

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that, or this storye folowynge, was and is the occasyon why ye

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Nile water also one must not forget such a disease as dracontiasis, while the recent

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whLuoMkind whyche ia kept a whit cock and a hone. And euoiy

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not until we consulted the recent French work on tropical medicine by Jeanselnie and

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in kuoiry of the tablea so that unless it interferes with their re-

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and in any case the observation requires confirmation, as only a few observations were

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' haua AB. ' tha whiche AB. ' any of the AB. ' of Jropay P.

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yaai«« in which I have received the hospital retuma of all tho

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relapsing fever. I am personally inclined to think that the patient is suffering from

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p. m3 : "lUm the same day paled to my lorde of Wikhire for a phiaicifUl

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where a patient, under such symptoms, has been saved; for in

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I have seen at least two examples in Europeans and the condition has, of course,

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recourse to drynke. Mcane wynca, as wynea of Gas- Light irina