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in the neighbourhood, though not a single adult mosquito could be found. The British

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we must not therefore wonder to hear Boorde telling Lord Privy-

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played (p. 207). Kormandy was a pleasant country, and ita people

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of it in the Seventh chapter of his Iniroduelion, p. 145, below :

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some northe -xi. thousand crownea, more or leese, ai theyr reputacyon it.

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Castyll, and Spane, and we, Vepe on vae ; wn'r^LiktCmtii

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The Mil. chapter treatoth of Flatmders, and of the naturall dia-

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conclusion is open to the objection that a diiferent condition existed in a member of

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mynded & etubborne. Theso .iiu countree epeketh

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viscua & coldo, and alacke of digestyon, and doth not

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from goat unsuccessfully inoculated with camel trypano-

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where it is desired to follow up the course of subsequent events in such a batch, any

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the oblong forms. Again, small forms measuring 3 ^i in diameter were met with, one of

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.1/(11/ 30. Marked increase Injth in spirochii'tes and IkkUcs, and ap|)earances certainly suK^estive t>f

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brasse. In gold tbey baue Frencb crownes of .iiii. s. viiL d. ; gold crowni,

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vituperat & abhorre it; yet for all this they wyll eate

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considered as at all complete owing to tlie fact that they were too few in number and

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11 April, 1549 ; but we have no record of where he was buried.

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I believe the death-rate at Singa is increasing in a greater ratio than is the

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Borne but in Byahop Adrians days, which wold haue reformed

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fiom the same source. Case IV. occurred in an Englishman living in Khartoum North,

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of the bodies which may undergo schizogonic development from the merozoite stage.

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Mason in Egypt, and also to determine the carrier. The most common ecto-parasites

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yiDiiinhiia as tiny nierozoites which vary in number and slightly also in size.

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complained of pain on opening her mouth, she was observed to

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least, aiiaplasniosis may attack donkeys as well as cattle. What is the transmitter of

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leisure my material was lost and there has been no opportunity of obtaining more, and

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procured, which is evideadyttn<part, aninud matteni have notio*

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between the dry and the rainy seasons. It is true that the rainj' season in Khartoum is,

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to exist immediately beneath the " Travertine " and to be about 6 metres in depth

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pTe]>are a good payre of uayles, to crache and clave, and to rent &

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contaiir remnants of the polar bodies at their centres. I have seen these in films

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: While writing this note, my highly respected friend Dr.

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p. 828, " Also he sent dyuers of hia nobles and counsayloi

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sascharine emtract, of the appearance and consistence of trenckĀ»

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way between the umbilicus and Poupart's ligament. (Note by Major .1. C. .Jameson,

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tiie desyer of fluah) making himself therlo wyser then Qod, who gaue it for a

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In the faeces of the cow B. neapolitanus and B. schiefferi were present, and there were

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