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not heard about diphtheria in tropical countries. In the Eeview Supplement to our Third

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tions. It keeps the Inspector, however, on the alert, as, with early notification, it is

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as it is difficult to place them and they might confuse otlier observers. On the whole

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Mr. E. T. von Becker, of the Sudan Customs Department, from Korara, in the Red Sea

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- Bilge, S. (1907-8-9), " Tropenkr.inkheiten." Virchow's Jahresbericlit der gesammten Mcdicin, Band I.

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both present in the fseces. Leishman-Donovan bodies were found in the peripheral

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devcldpiil parotitis on the fourth day, followed on the tenth day of the disease by an

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lette VB eato & dryncke tyll it bee daye. My mayster shall not winne so

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Sections were cut, and suitably stained for the purpose of demonstrating the presence of

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ing him, after the interval of more than a month or t*o ; and Boorde

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from malaria in early childhood, those with stronger constitutions surviving and growing

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appetyde; wherfore let a man eate peper with it. The

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rype, they must be soden tender in the broth of beef;* &

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they deliuered the toune ; and Uicir copitaiu, bb u prisoner, uOred u great

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Personal observations on the type of fever were of too short duration to be of any


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layer of the skin is hypertrophied, or, at least, appears to be so, invading and even cutting

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Chichester, his attendance on Sir Robert Dniry and the Duke of

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otrete / at the sygne of the Eose garland by / Robert Coplande."

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that it is still a doubtful point whether the strict standards which are adopted in England

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great piers and their arches were completed before he died in 1514. The