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might mistake for a parasite. So-called haamoglobin drops are also met with in birds'
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botryomycosis as a productive inflammation leading to the formation of fibrous growths
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no swelling ; superficial veins of left side engorged. Urine. The urine is very peculiar
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employed as an indicator for estimating the alkalinity of the blood, but Moore and Wilson
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(infection with P. bigemtnum), but the cattle examined in the other herd showed no
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which baa been obvious in the action and speech of a sovereign and a
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the position taken up by MacConkey in his paper on the Bacteriology of Milk {Journal of
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niad was observable in the latter periods of the disorder.
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Ch, 33, p. 206, 'Bion;' and Ch. 38, p. 217, 'Eg^t.'
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' Ah ... a water or urine is but a strumpet ; a man may be deceived
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described and which pass on to the "spore " bodies, thus completing a cycle of schizogony
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central nuclear structure of these individual botryoniyces surrounded by a saffranin
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conditions were easily recognised. One set of cases showed a diplococcal infection, the bacillus and
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with in a somewhat rare disease named botryomycosis, and, in fact, were pathognomonic
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fylthy & stynkynge soyles ; and with stercorus matter
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in kala-azar cases, or those clinically like this disease. These forms did not appear
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and fowls, inoculated with emulsions of washed tissues or eggs from ticks containing
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that might annoy it : and his service is not certaine, but he must have regard
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tact and discretion, and if their few religious and racial prejudices are respected, are easy pop"'ii';°"5
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in the report {;page 310) is not hurtful and does not appear to taint the water, under
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the only thing to be done is to make a careful drawing and record the find with such
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the hypothesis appears to me to be on the part of those who imi^
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was better; the tongue was pretty clean; she complained of
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the VBSgo and fashyon of alt moner of countrca or regions, and also to
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the bore-hole, in some degree soaked into the porous sandstone with which, as stated,
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minutes microscopic work, but the remaining twelve needed much laborious work before
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