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admission, 23 days previously {Ghart I.) Blood examination was negative, so far as
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of the said late hospital), and the orchard and garden to the same belonging
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engaged in studying a certain type of Herpetomonad which was found to infest the
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p. 279. Garlic. — Tharmio this [= thiia, in 1512 a.d.] lyngeryug [in
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lodging. The people of IJie Englyshe pale be metely wcl
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tion of jelly in aeroai^, the. following experimeqta were ' tried*:
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Jemma, Gabbi, and Alvarez and Pereira da Silva, have also all succeeded in infecting
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actually added to the water. The work given in Chapters IX. and X. shows conclusively
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£Mting has always been recl^oned among the predisposing causes
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Twenty c.c. of the sample water are put into sterile milk contained in tubes. The
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cellent physician, living at Oslend. He assured me I was cored,
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p. 289. Smeatinij Sicknet*. — After this great triuniphe [Heniy Vlll't
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but on the evidence before us I must confess myself unable, aa
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the Urat lines of the pasaage must refer to Boorde's 2nd journey
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eince 1858, — I am indebted for tbe ready loan of bis copy — unique,
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it is not good to moke any' potoge, nor to eat« no dan'iraito
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"kyngeof " as "kyngo of skottea" (Stat, Beg. i. 140, at fool). Here
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there not a holy man, named mnister Doctour board, n I'hisicion,
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Archie, dc VInst. Past, de Tunis, 1910, iii.,^;. 103.
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