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Her pulse, on the 10th, had risen to ISO, but she complanned
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1st, Udaka mehe. — UdaAa in Sanscrit and Pali signifies wa-^
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movement. The slight alterations of shape which may occur in its contour, however,
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Kajo-Kaji, district, hills of. Tsetse-fly found in 40
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" No. 1. Depth, 100 metres. Upjxir strata cut off to a depth of GoJ metres.
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In all 219 villages were visited and 2,100 miles covered by camel and river.
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made on lactose bile-salt-neutral-red-agar plates. The latter were incubated at 37° C. for
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dom, by his argument in the same Letter Y, p. 58, that by the Pope's
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proving useless, the Mamur took matters into his own hands and entered the outer
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botryomycosis as a productive inflammation leading to the formation of fibrous growths
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no swelling ; superficial veins of left side engorged. Urine. The urine is very peculiar
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