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Facts and Observations respecting Intermittent Fevers. By

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lymon, the assistant surgeon of the regiment, which came

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Possibly Plate IX., figs. 24 and 25 represent vermicules fixed during motion.

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While there are limits to the value to be attached to the chemical and bacteriological analyses of water, still

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bodies), ran a course almost pi-ecisely similar to N.

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this medium, there being no turbidity but a formation of whitish granules at the

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Those who contend for Boorde's authorship of this book are

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soluble, but the insoluble portion I at]tribute'to soose v^aMons

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tlie flagellum measured 20 fi in length. The protoplasm is vacuolated and there appear to

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aside, the advice he gives is good. He specifies the articles of diet

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book to settle. I hope, however, that Andrew Boorde will be hence-

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bis ArohbiBhoprio. — Mae/arlatie't Hiit. vi. IBS.

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siii^m->icii iiilc might, witli udvantagu, be teiiued Leislinian nodules, as the word nodule sufliciently

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" these daies, wherein Andrew Boorde saith there are more parks

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To determine the types of lactose fermenters in soil heavily polluted by human

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luble by heat 6. The specific gravity of serum is generally not

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namyd Glasco, wher I study & practyce physyk, as I haue done in

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ManiUki is a strong-smelling preparation of raw pounded fish, bones included, made

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confusion, at one moment she was sensible of hererialeY esilled

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town was between 300 and 400 (agar count at 37 C, 48 hours' incubation), while in a

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measures on which so much depends. One has no wish to claim too much for sanitation,

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8aue7iiene, awghfene, nyntene, twante, ene and twanty,

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a foe, but he may aid the Medical Ofiieer of Health at such times by enabling him to

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in the posterior portion of the parasite (Plate XI., figs. 10-14).

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the following method was adopted : A large drop of fluid was taken from an emulsion

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27th of April' was hanged, drawn, and quartered. WiUe Howghton

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Abyssinia. The arguments in favour of this as regards Kassala Province are justifiable,

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shoived aiiij signs of ulceration or breakimj doivii.

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