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blishment, Proceedings of the Medical Board, and ResohUions

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' Ernst, W. (1908), "Die Enstehung der Botryouiycosraseu aus der Stai^hvlokkon form des Erregers."

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Iha counlre do aell many masts, ores, & bowe staues.

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' tenlli B. * tho A ; theyr B- ' E .iiii. not signed.

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yng of fysslie, apeciolly from eatyng fysshe the which J^JJ^ij^

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town was between 300 and 400 (agar count at 37 C, 48 hours' incubation), while in a

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measures on which so much depends. One has no wish to claim too much for sanitation,

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8aue7iiene, awghfene, nyntene, twante, ene and twanty,

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reed Jtenjsh wine is made of. al liaso-Almayne is a

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humect to moche the stomacke; yet yf th^ porke be Young poA

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a foe, but he may aid the Medical Ofiieer of Health at such times by enabling him to

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in the posterior portion of the parasite (Plate XI., figs. 10-14).

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the following method was adopted : A large drop of fluid was taken from an emulsion

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27th of April' was hanged, drawn, and quartered. WiUe Howghton

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■huiow»r. Muaynginmj myndc what raymont I slial wcro;

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Abyssinia. The arguments in favour of this as regards Kassala Province are justifiable,

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shoived aiiij signs of ulceration or breakimj doivii.

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As noted on page 24 of our First Review Supplement these curious bodies had once

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problem. I hold no brief for Major Clemesha and his work. It requires confinuation

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{Canterbury Tale; Group A, g 1, 11. <ii!4-S, Elleemore MS, Giaacer Soc, p. IS)

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have been found to contain similar coccus-like agglomerations. Three of these tumours w''h strepto-

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said, by beds of clay. This rock, there was reason to believe, was a porous limestone, a

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Preeent difi'tise. — Two months ago two small papules appeared on his right wrist.

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Wher fioeuer I tyde or go, I wyl not Icse my cromcs.

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movement. The slight alterations of shape which may occur in its contour, however,

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" I had rather not to meddle vrith Physiciona and Chyerurgions


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account of a special life-cycle which we now propose to discuss.-'

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tlieyra in thys place,"— Fol. 6. JSa Eittori/c of Italge. by W,

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" Nicolle, C, and Sfanceau.x, L. (Septeml)cr 2.5, 1910), " Rechcrchcs sur Ic bouton d'Orient — Cultures,

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She was more cheerful, and had some return of appetite.

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fowls. Chicks showing bodies have often been successfully inoculated either by tick-bite

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other members, and ia the gronndc and foundacion of al the vitall

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f Cyder ia made of tlie iiice of peerea, or of* the

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wolde haue gone to saynct TameEi in Compostell ; he was

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liady Torrington, and perceiving Georgiana was not at table,

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4 2T. After this, urged by righteous iool " to ee A, to know the

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neegtiie. a hotender. a dowaand. atcay doiceand, ^c.

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recognised, all that was visible being a roughened, granular appearance of the spougiti))lasm of the corpuscle at

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December 17, 1909. Agar culture from serum. Witliin 2i hours Gram -)- clubbed and

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