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The first had a short course of quinine, apparently about 25 grains a day, for five days.

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hut the special granule infection does not occur as in the fowl tick, at least on a large

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On the flexor aspect of the right forearm there was also present a skin lesion which

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observations, for, if cocci alone were found in a throat swab, a case of diphtheria might

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being held captives at Metzl Well-deserved retribution' ! May it be

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Andrew Borde was of ;ige, and did hold, and could hold, property.

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for " Humility" (though he has no name over his head) ; and

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and had not previously had fever. He was evidently very ill indeed, but probably the

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the mononuclear leucocytes. The diphtheroid bacilli were for the most part free.

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In the ancient town of Haddington many years ago a worthy gentleman lost a maiden

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results, and one is inclined to consider that these insects cannot be held responsible agents

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5. The ordinary grey monkey of the Sudan {Cfrcopitliecnn sabieim) can be infected with

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to infected anophelines being brought into the town by steamers or boats. Such cases are

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bodies was often degenerated, staining badly, often taking a reddish tinge and showing

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5. In two of the cases the bacillus was isolated from the fcEces.

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pastimes sake, that when a great man of those parts came of late into

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these botryomyces are intra-cellular, they apparently bring about degenerative changes

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bridge : ' in al the worlde there is none lyke ' (p. 119). But Cornish

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impossible to say ; but the stories which compose the poem were

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Two Casks of Non-Ulceuatino "Ouiextal Sore," better termed

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Than I woldo chaunge the fashion of niy olde apparel.

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later. Through the kindness of Captain A. G. Cummins, E.A.M.C., one was able to receive

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but the majority were simply blue homogeneous looking cells. Similar " blue bodies" had

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may, however, do so. There are also different kinds of granules. Naegeli's azurephil

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tortions of the face, most ease being* found by twisting the mouth

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have been found to contain similar coccus-like agglomerations. Three of these tumours w''h strepto-

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and oxcretal type, was present in 1 c.c. and larger quantities, the free ammonia figure, '5