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present, 1 and hence the record of these four cases points to the advisability of employing
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staining kinetonucleus, and, in addition, a circular or oval body of a delicate pink colour,
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Lerte can not be ^ pleaaed : yf the herte & mynde be
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af number of very ittinute bubbles might be discerned rising;
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ceas of acidity; then to an equal bulk of water the same prcfpor-
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The sign + indicates the formation of acid and gas.
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That nener after to me they wyll come agene : 8 ai^iT'"'
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and suffer them to consume the time in which they might learn, in
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receptacles which can be fitted with the above-mentioned covers will be prosecuted."
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specimens was impossible. Three of the positive cases were school-boys; No. I, Spleen
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suiiiiiior, tlio actual iiuiiibor of ' true coli ' is nuicli li'ss than in winter, due, undoubtedly,
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follows : — ^One, at the cephalic extremity, 10^ in length and occupying the whole breadth
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to anye other regj-on. I haue trauaylcd rownd about
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Wise UcD of Gotham (over a cut of the hedging- in of Ihe cuckoo — a oonnliy-
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ad. Tbc cckbratcd Or* Fothergill publishes a case of hydra-
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flagellates may be seen in the crop ; the mid-intestine, however, shows the largest number
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dashing against the barriers of German patriotism, striving to delngo
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its origin chiefly in sewage from large towns, and that form of pollution is mainly derived
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yf nedo be, vse clyatera, and anoynt the body with the oyles of Laiuy
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Bffindb«t Mr. Braide adofAed it in consequence of bis dw»«
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milk vendors station. There the milk will be measured, and samples taken for analysis from time to
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Mason, was admitted into hospital on the evening of (he fdi
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hia Boule tUen the hclth of hia body. Our Sauyour KoithKnha
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off matter, butt only by them, & they wolde cause mo wrett full in-
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cent marsh. In the 'Valor Eccleeiasticus' of Henry Till. [a.d. 1035] his
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diirnae" to haue a fayro gardain repletudwyth herbea of okiUbot
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opinion, that blood does not contmn any constituent to wbicti'
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hoade of a bowse mnat ouor-ae that they the which bo
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but there can be but little doubt that it appears a good test for the B. cloacie, B. lactis
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euoiy atrete a man maye go whyther he wyll in Venya ;
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not think his paper, which he is frank enough to confess is by au amateur, would ever
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found to be present. The alkalinity of the patient's serum was estimated two days after
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After the extracts in the Forewords, p. 74 — 104, ficom Boorde's
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the above table in another form, showing the monthly incidence and local distribution of
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13th. — Veiy easy. 14th^ do. 15th, do, l6th, do. ITth, dou
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fi. " Hero it is to be noted that nowe a dayes few or ols none doth '