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' Gartner, A. (October 28, 1910), "Das Bacterium coli als Indikator fiir fakale Verunreiniguug eines
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can be, to consydcr what thyiige /Ac wliiche doth them
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pupse for the inspections were numerous and rigorous. There was no way of getting at the
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" Monday. Temperature 99 F. in the morning. 100-2 F. in the evening. I'eeling
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not Leishman-Donovan bodies, for they sometimes show dark chromatin rods very like
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lyt4>l diaplcaaure, except that' it doth replota a man *in'i hurt mw
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Other points rehiting to the bodies and tlieir eoiuieetion with the spirochiete infection
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cytoplasm between the tropho- and kinetonuclei stains quite uniformly and shows no
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cytoplasm. The trophonucleus is, as a rule, circular in shape and occupies more or less a
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' dispooioti A : n mlHtakQ made 4 or G times more. ' B leaves out " of."
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that 19 produ(%d when tan is added to strosity, has always
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doth stand commodyously for the welth and suuuor of
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the subject of one ballad, and entered on leaf 22, back, ' a ballytt of made by
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and fowls, inoculated with emulsions of washed tissues or eggs from ticks containing
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be TBCd in the pestyferoua tymo of (Ae pestileiice Si tha Bwetyng
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forme of appareU liketh vs longer than the first garment is in the
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of a pleasant humour ; reproving hia conntiymen'a vices, and ridicul-
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state, are digeated in boiling water, the fluid ia rendered brDW%
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are occasionally to be found in the cell cytoplasm, and at this stage the flagellum may
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This is confirmatory of work done in Egypt and Algiers. In the latter country the
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of Captain Cox, or Lanebam's Lotter (Ballad Society, 1871).
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MFZier ia the latin wordo. In greke it is nftmed Gyuy. In Eng-
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yonre howso, specially of your chambre, be closed; whan windon it
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nes ; A it may come to yonge men and women when thejrr mynde is
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scliool and on April 25, 1910, the splenic enlarf^eiiient had disappeared. Leishinan-
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" 4. The examinations made refer only to the water under existing conditions, though it is believed that the
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third long tour, aeemingly aa an emissary of Cromwell's, to observe
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And oor chiefe fare, in the tyme of Lent, "" 'i" »"
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last of July, I left Flint, and went three miles to Huhj-WtH, of which
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myoneme on each side of it, except in the case of the first and last, where the anterior
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shall not get mote in many places for no inony ; other
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solution was such, thM it was saturated by hdf its weight of sul*
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reign of King Henry the Eighth, Boll CV. and is printed in p. 35, note 32, ol
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* r k Prior. Uenr; TIU, when Prince of Wale% was Earl of Cbe»t«T. Tho
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