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goodnea, protended to make thya first booke, named " the Introduc-

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unbranched but often sinuous and frequently attain a length of 20// and more.

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wifes, throughe this libertee of open speache, are ridde of the rage that

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the fact that on several occasions I have encountered in undoubted diphtheria cases what

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18th, do. 19th, do. 20di,-«Discharged him from the hospital in a

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subverted in the person of Ann Moore, but on the contrary, that

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most rapid case was that of a woman aged about 18, at Kassala ; she and her husband were

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but not of such fine physique as is usually seen amongst the Egyptian soldiery. He

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those recommended by MacConkey,' namely saccharose, dulcit, adonit and inulin. In ^"S-" media

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occurs naUirally and in ichicli, be it noted, precisely the same phenomenon occurs although no

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(Or els you may say) Im borachaJiy adonai ! Xngiuh.

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Aungels and the halfe aungels, is fyne golde. But the

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All these with more could I rehearse, as much as wit conld wyslic.

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lyt4>l diaplcaaure, except that' it doth replota a man *in'i hurt mw

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wind ; roast apples comfort the stomach (p. 284). Olives and

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Almayne, they be rude and ruatycall, and very boyatooa ■

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made with almon mylko doth restore and doth comforts

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the ground as long as the more resistant organisms like cloaca, etc. It has been

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from Erasmus on the flitby clay floors of England, in tbe Babeet Book,

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hyllea. And there ia found certayne vaynes of gold. OoWtaftmo*

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came hither, I had never come here.' 'Well, knave," quod she, 'thou

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place. There is anotlicr towue called Louane, whichc ia i.<iiivo(n,

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bodies in the blood of spirochaetal infected fowls. Other cytamoebae in the frog, however,

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built in 1826. For mnny c«D(uricB it wag the wonder of Europe. — CKroHietn

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almost fixed, and very mUch inflamed. By Uisters to his head^

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Tompemture of water varied between 30-1 and 30- 7° C. usually was 30-4° C.

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of intestinal contents into the blood or blood stream consequent upon the effects of gunshot

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§ 25. "Well, the * rugorosyte * of the Carthusian rules — the no-

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gave neither the amyloid nor the glycogenic reaction.

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jVforeover, we are now at pains, so far as dysentery is concerned, to distinguish

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ia for hym to refrayn from alepe in the day, St to taka

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•ir,, 37.— Tem PERATURB Chart. Cask of Kala-azar treated bv 606

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"3. That, under well defined conditions, such as heavy rainfall, the water-supplies

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is, and it doth incender color and molancoly. Bake D«iiti! moai

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also under the foes of the Inspector. His chief difficulty is with the Egyptians and with

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with eloqu3nt speche and retorycke termes, the whichfl^

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by "606" and test its value as a curative or protective agent in the same way as

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