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letting those matters pass (notwithstanding I have rend elsewhere*

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entered as () Pynson'e, but which, I am persuaded, is 'W, Coplande'a.

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I have frequently been puzzled, especially when examining the fresh blood, to account

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Xfa.e poBaibility that tlie undated dedicationless Wyer was issued b

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the conditions of storage will require careful consideration.

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& all to nowght,' & sayth they wyL troble me, & doth elawnder mo

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pathological changes in the case in question, one can only conclude that the rapid and

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human spirocha9tal blood. The chromatin is well marked in it, and, as will be seen, it

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moche pleasure for harte & hynde, bucke, and doo, and

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more trouble with platelets in stained preparations {vide infra and Plate VII., fig. 2).

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was diminished, and it is worth remembering that Eogers, Leishman, Statham, and other

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walls, etc., is to play the flame from a painter's lamp direct, and subsequently apply a thick

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has no Dedication. But the colophon of this 1547 edition says that

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layers of sand, clay, mud and gravel. Immediately below, cajne rock seamed, so it was Geological

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villages but could find no trace of the disease in any of them. Nor was I able to get any

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modification of the European standard could be generally employed in tropical climes.

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' kaigo B. ' L .iiii. not sigoed. ' books A ; hooke B.

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results were suggestive, and made one think that lice might act as vectors.

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admission and the date on which death occurred. Malaria was excluded. Correct diagnosis

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the Tropics, where money is not plentiful and trained engineers are few. In one respect,

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"It commences with strong fevei-, the body loses all its fiesh and the colour of

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altered. Such a force hath education to make or mnrre." — The De-

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5 23. Our next notice is from Boordc's Fifth Letter, to Cromwell,

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at the " dead-ends," but naturally this involves a waste of water, especially when it has '^«''°"''™^-

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To mucho of Eugiyshe hero, dyuera tymca I do fake. 4

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cljarnctcr a hundred years later: "Cornowall ia the Cornucopia, tfaft

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the slretea / & great churche of Whincheater punished. These bo

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very fond of the devil in their speech, of selling their produce a

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Dyetary before summing up his character on p. 105. I therefore do

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fess dian before: at its inferior part there was a slight red efflo*>

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arrived. He stated, in the first instance, that there must be considerable doubt as to

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' A wronglj repeaM "goyonga fortlio in theyr lomey, the

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was thus made, and no evaporation occurred. If such a preparation be examined, the

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