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' See note ', Dext page. ' A leaves out B's " not."

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in 5 c.c. in the case of ten of the wells. B. ■pijocyaneus was found in one instance, and in

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except his mouth, to cool the heat of his blood." p. 45, ed. Rowland,

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of rice (six pounds of dr)' grain) in a day, which is three times

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quite characteristic and it is not likely that the Sudan disease differs from the Egyptian.

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who previously were "shudad." will come clamouring for medicines. Quinine is known

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and stretched an arm forward to where his sea-dogs were clustered : " It is not I,

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the Inspector's main duty to prevent, to keep in check, and to abolish.

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with remarks on that disease. By William Henry, M. D. 155

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December 11. 6th day. A fciir number of spiroohietcs found. This suggests some multiplication.

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economic problems. One of the special features is the full and practical account of the sanitary

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of flies (probably Stomoxyn). There was loss of appetite, and towards the end, great weak-

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publishing of that hook in 1547 (or 1548), as well as of tlie second. J

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returned since the arsenical solution was deubted from^ and the

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The coagulati<m of albumen- by sulphuric acid must^ I con-

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showed marked improvement. His weight was now 3 st. 13 lb., showing an increase

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frequently as those in places situated on the rivers.

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l-evers of Here is a case which seems worth recording as the temi)erature chart (No. 8) is interesting.

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time. The biU on Aic and Beer {p. 256) ; on bad cooks and brewers,

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when statistics will be more reliable and complete, and it is more for this reason than

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times staringi and at odier times mefencholy; gnashed his teeth

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ten, aleuen, twelue, thertene, fourtene, fyftene, syxtene.

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Hnjeslalem,' b; Sir John Skene, this puniehment occurs m

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" Wednesday. Mid-day, patient collapsed and infusion was carried out. Rallied

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