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edition was published in 1691-2, over 140 years after Boordo'a

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Volume A. — MEDICAL. Eecord of extensive researches in Tropical Diseases. Contains

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into Guy's Hospital, under the care of Mr. Asdey Cooper,

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As regards the mosquito work, generally, one need not say much. We are about to

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Experiment III. was carried out to determine the types of lactose fermenters present

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but die ardculating surfaces were not destroyed. The cartilage

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Dudley Cavet has been since built, and is mentiooed as occupied by Dr Bords

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ointment, which produced an eruption of pimples beneath the

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" Should not contain more faecal organisms than 1 in one c.c, and no organisms of

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lias further evidence which proves clearly to him as a woodcutter,

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