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176 TlIK Af.KAI.ISITY or Tin-; HI,0()I> SKIU'.M IN lv\I,A-AZAU
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Konilworth, printed three years later, although the former has never
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quire the use of the catheter; although I could not, by the touch,
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and may be troublesome, though focussing helps to decide.
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T\ie cancdlated structure of the bone was obliterated opposite
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cycle of schizogony starts, just as it starts under natural conditions if the leucocytes or the
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thie," And so forth, aad whan tliey liaue recounted to a
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prevailing there, and which, as already stated ^/w'/c 252^, escaped detection for a time.
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We get the approximate date for this letter from Eoorde's men-
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owing to infection occurring in Monkey S {vide infra), liver puncture was carried out
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Neisser's dots which in the majority of the rods were bipolar.
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spech of Hungary is corrupt Italien, corrupt Gretce, & HtnignrUa ipwii
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Poneir* edition, dated S Mag, 1517, in the Ded'tcatimi, and IB(i7 in thr Gila-
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broke water, the which is clere, roimyng on piblea and
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A blood count and an estimation of the haemoglobin were undertaken in this case, and
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diat she was alarmed about the consequences, and offered to sub*-
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the posterior portion of the parasite. The anterior portion then commences to enlarge
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bare ; wherfore I do counceylt cuory man to prouyde
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aiius,' 8vo. Swansea, 1813, p. 15, says: 'True Rhubarb 1 raised
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Velnet, witb palmers hattes on their helmettes, wytb long lacoba stauos
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water and incubating at 22 C. These bodies very much resemble the preceding, but '" "^^'" ^'^'"^
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now why a womun ie named a woman, I wyll shewo my mynde.
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(5) Can fowl lice (Menopon sp. ) act as vectors' If one could prove these ecto-parasites
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man to vse and eschewe, in his famihar conuorsation. A works very
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placea, as well Frencho as Doche ; for it lyeth betwyxt*
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all in blacke Satyn, with scalop sbelles of gold in their breastcs." —
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went about to make my self whole, I dyd take the pouder folowynge :
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honeycombed. Such water is always impure from a chemical
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Flaandrea, in Holonde, in Brabant, and Selande ; 'hit
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and which seems in most respects comparable to that descrii)od by Leishman for