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alimentary tract. Some of the appearances last described, and more especially blood-dust

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Chicks c and d, clean birds, were inoculated on Pubruary 18, 1909, from a case of acute, hut not very

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hart and mynde to come and to eo uiy tyme more the sayde place

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The former, so far as fallacies are concerned, are tlie more difficult, the latter,

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I extract. The book is in Captain Cox's list. Its author, ^n. S. Picco-

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for a single cause and to forget that two or more pathological states may act concurrently

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the idea that it was originally imported from South Africa is correct I cannot say, but

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edition of the Dijeiary, the Breutianj, and the Agfronamije, which

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tion;"^ nor Ad Ann Moore appear to us^ as she did to J. L*,

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Gram — rods, chiefly the former. Many of the latter exhibited polar bodies and

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of them with a hand lens showed the presence of a pale pink centre over which the epidermis

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water from that which had led to a condemnation of the original welLs. Nos. 2. 3 and 4 have been discarded

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ing have been confined to the female sex. The remark still holds true with

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trait of ' Dootor Boorde' in tlie Sokf b/ Ktioieleilgr (see reprint, sig. I)."

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do present shulde ho a aaddo wonian, wyse and discrete, hauynge ex-

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300) ; and then tell you liow to arrange a siek-bcd, a deatli-beil,

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table will show that in both cases, and especially in No. 7, the colony count has almost throughout been

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in Mr. Tsyter'a ^ opiiuon" of fbeir liaUUty tobe imposed upon,*

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Canuia made, the people he after a gentil sort. K"or-

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many partea of the world, to Be & to know the trcwth

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gslyte and inconuenyence, must deayde his tcatea, inTiitjim

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countrea wyll quaf tyl they ben dronk, & wyl pysae i>nidiiimi *rii

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accompanied by Dr. Todd, of the Egyptian Public Health Department, who acted as

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■bing it with what a quack called black mercury. After she was

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the peatylence. [See abase ; p. 251, lines \1 — 15.] ■

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At an early period steps were taken to regulate this traffic. The women were

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cured by Mercury; recovery from an excessive Dose of Lauda^

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& BO eewe vp togyther quarell-wyBe as mocho as wyll

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breadth about 0-5p. The central portion was nearly always narrower than the

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it doth rectyfy and reforme the varyete of the opera-

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rectlye go round about Europ & Chrystondom ; for if i (a. B«nio)

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full of Ise. There is no come growjnge tliexe ; nor udrrowmo

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lure a miztufe which cootains about 1-lOOOth of its weight of solid albumen*

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moyste. Harde chese ia hot« and dry, and euyll to I

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chants, whose charge is not to looke out, and bring home such

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moche harme to nature, and that abstjmence is the chyfest medyson

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* Compnni the deecription of the Kpaniali women's heads in

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of age, were infected, though both men and women also suffer from the disease.

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:. And in no wyse oate no voneson, nor hare-ftessbe,

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Herpes of the prepuce is a disease trifl'ing in itself, but of

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Danger of indicated that there would be trouble with crenothrix growth in pipes to which such water

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that Boorde and all other conformers swore, is given in latin in

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(Figs. 57 and 58), the former being the more numerous. The cocci yielded an orange growth

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undergo the same preliminary changes in this tick as they do in A. persicus — they

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Yet I lake nothj-ng, I haue all thynge at wyll ; 1 1*