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to believe it occurs, and indeed I am now strongly disposed to think that the short

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numbers seen on this tour ; since its compilation, fresh cases have come to light.

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from Pinta, as did the absence of any fungus in samples of the scales examined by

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Hy. Ellis, and in no less known a book than his Original Letters^ no

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dilution of acid which gave this yellow colour constituted the index. As far as possible, all

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Again, in his Dijetary, Boorde refers also frequently to tha I

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round the edge of its anterior portion. -She applied to her for-

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be seen from the conclusions to our report, were much the same. We stated that —

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done in the laboratories was amply confirmed, and their report only differed from ours in

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altered. Such a force hath education to make or mnrre." — The De-

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Pis. V. (1 & 9), & VII. {2), facing 109, 120

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comer of tbc land they need a damnable Buperstilion, leanyng the

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protective fluids or anti-bodies of the bird have not proved powerful enough to destroy

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" he that doth not the ' comiasundeiUcnt of his physjc-

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containing a very virulent kala-azar case, a woman aged about 22, at Gallabat.

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The tumours are said to be in some instances many inches in diameter, and have never

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Those of you who have read that masterly study of social life, Les Miscrahhf, may

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being Phyaiciana. VI. The MuUihility of Men's Minds. VII.

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of Quycke syluor mortified with faetynge spetyll, an vnce ; compounde

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in 1536, when the Convocation under Henry YUL abolished some of the old

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too large a dose of "606" and died a few hours afterwards. Apparently as a result

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