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swelling of face and feet, and splenic pain but no splenic enlargement. History of

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connective tissue cells, w^hich could be seen penetrating the contents of some of the

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of the Carthusians, which is said tc have been confirmed by Fopo

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the greatest Lords that shall be ther to take the Bason with the Rings, and

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Jltff. Stat. Ob. ii. BT.' At tlitt lalWr rolerence, W Sept. 1GT9, is, ' H. Denhain,

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which doth vse it, be possessed of the Deuill, and no man can helpQ

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dura alone, for it has been found feeding on various plants, notably the Calotropis procera.

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parasite, therefore, multiplies by longitudinal division. Many observations were carried

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husbands were unwilling for them to leave their houses were visited in their houses.

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months ago, was carried out, and they form the subject of a paper wliicli cannot be

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' Tha originnlB of this and the following iBttara (esoept Leller IV) anM

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Leishman points out both in his first- and second^ papers, " conservative surgery in the

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of London came and told the Mayro that come wonld be dore ; wherupon

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were stagnant water pools in the neighbourhood of the villages scourged by the epidemic.

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And yf blode do abounde, dense it with etufea, or by

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that this shortening was due to withdrawal of the flagellum within the cell. After this

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Patients complain of " Bouul Har " or scalding urine. Microscopic examination of

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to the air-lift pump, the method of water-lifting eventually employed. The air-lift, which is

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the first time encounters in the blood of a fowl forms like Plate YI., figs. 6 and 7, he is

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Ornithndoros sp., as ojirriers of Belapsing Fever 280

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afterwards. These macroscopical findings were also checked microscopically, and the

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red in o|Hmon with me, and the use of arsenic was talked of;

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to haue the knowledge of theyr .operaciona. And this knowledge

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lowed. Though I saw the patient sbon after the accident, and as

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the frequent presence of micro-tilaria; in the blood of camels but they do not describe them.

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in 1511-12] was moche entysed to playe at tennes and at dice ; which

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by the nuclei of trypanosomes in the spleen and possibly in other of the internal

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difficulty it may be possible to help those who are unfavourably situated for the obtaining

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1542, Emd that the 1542 edition was the second, is negatived by 1

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The cuuHtre, & specially tho citye of Naples, ia a uipi™ h.. mnnr

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place. Who ho euer that dothe pretende to go to leru-

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his worth. A tankful of diluted sewage had been left to work out its own salvation for

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by Henry's license, conveyed the Hospital property to Sir Wymonde

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small chick just Ixifore the crisis, and which developed lx)th spirochsetes and bodies almost simultaneously after a

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wind ; roast apples comfort the stomach (p. 284). Olives and

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Hanipshyre, — one Thomas Cromwell* had it of me. ».ii « Bishop'*.

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I. wh«n « (HdiuI Htulticious mattei is, that yf any of theyr frendes do

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