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was not clean hut harboui'c^l a few of the inclusions. Nothing was found in samples of

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sucli bodies grow smaller and become the nebulous clouds of which he speaks. He can give

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lesus Chryste dyd lye in hym selfe vnto in [sol Pylates hall, as tho

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vases, bottles and small dishes of water placed beneath the legs of ice-chests, tables,

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its solid contents principally cdtisist of aniihat matter; there are,'

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The condition of favus was not so marked, and the colonies of coccidia were again fewer

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of a small rod or dot. This is rarely seen except in films fixed by a wet method.

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the return 'to food was followed by a temporary cure of lus in-

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Jan. 5, 1910. Leishman-Donovan parasites found in the peripheral blood and in

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condition is derived from outside the blood itself as, to take a classical example, the

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EogliiihiDen on all sanitary matters connected with the snrroundingB

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for the purpose of ptcventing unauthorized peraons * from setting

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"Secondly, the guiding principles that assist a water analyst in arriving at a conclusion,

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require special treatment. In short, though one knew where one was with the river

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In sections stained by the former method, and examined microscopically, it was

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feod, and advisable onty to adopt the animal regimen giadn-

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it is smaller, its caudal end is not truncated and its spots do not correspond to those

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have no great expectations of his ever enjoying good healthy

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It is probably allied to the ring and figure-of-eight bodies {corps en anneau) mentioned

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parasite than is usually the case ; and, in order to obviate this, it would not seem

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doth not differ from a beaste, but that the one is reasonable, which

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that it does not indicate fiEcal contamination to an equal extent as any non-liquefier "

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Hyllayne for trajne of gentilmen ; but now it is somewhat diminished."

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(4) In the case of those who did not use angareebs, or had not used them in the

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size of a full-grown parasite is about 42-5 ;tt by Si fi.

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the thrombocytes, which are sometimes found in huge masses. These interesting cells may

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Mr. J. E. Williams, the engineer in charge of the works who, at all times, was most

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Monkey L was injected intravenously and subcutaneously. It was intended to inject

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treatment for a fortnight ho expressed a wish to leave hospital. He was re-admitted in a

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and traueseed witb clotb of gold, cut in PomcgraDettea and jrokee,

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to that, which proved an arm presentation, about the end o( the