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ThouBande five himdrelh ffortie and nyne, the xj"* daye of Aprill, I,
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months the two men have been eating together, and sleeping side by side, while they are in
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Medical histories and reflections. By John Ferriar, M. D., 109
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condition in a very short space, and at the same time may prevent the occurrence of
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contraceptive measures are practised at times by the Sudanese, but such can play no great
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of fallacies and puzzles in stained blood preparations. I do not here intend to say
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other does not. Some are, comparatively speaking, very large, and it is notew'orthy that
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when large draughts were taken, should cease; a large dose of
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On February 5, Captain P. U. Carr, Director Veterinary Department, sent me a pony
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the beautifully even mulch abolishes them. If the agriculture of the districts referred to
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IfiSa, In bia loJcx and Notes, p. 305, Nicola* notes that Henry 'sent Doctor
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reniotionem reguio quondam Auglorum modo Nonnannorutn contigit,
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water-carts in the face of financial objections. Now one can only play the importunate
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Blood examinations made on several occasions piovcd negative for malaria. Eaily in
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bouBc, In B street called the Wool.Uarket in Lyon. He was much trasled by
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Malpighian tubes, and it was also found that in this situation the granules had apparently undergone some
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A suggestive paper is that on leucocyte degenerations in the cerebrospinal fluid by
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diagnosed positive by Captain Bousfield, and 2 cases put down b}' him as suspicious
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some blood. Curious bodies with spherical granules.
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seriouslv ill. Bliulitlv anaemic. Coniunctiva* not yellow. No cedema. No physical signs .° '^^ °"".
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many statistics will be available and that we will be in a better position to appreciate
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boyled, you must season the broth with good Spices, and Aromatical
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Thanks to the kindness of Captain S. S. Flower, of Cairo, I am able to submit a list of
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colony count fell nearly to zero, H. coli vanished, and the quantity of iron and manganese
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the Sudan, where animal tuberculosis, unlike human tuberculosis, is very rare, and
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Triip<iiiosonM(lii) Trypniiosorae(8) (eimliiiiifil)
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w «ipi4» »re Wl of Nu. U. Fxlracl* fmm !'k'»» I'Ioh iiiiin, 1 ». ; N'i».
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vnder tho color of uirginitie / and of wearinge a shirte of heare / and
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and in position. There is also what may be called a clear area at the caudal end, for
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I thynke they deserue lesse credyte than other men, but because the
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Gase 4. — A Sudanese boy, aged 14, a native of the Blue Nile Province, admitted
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forest of St Leonards, its keepers and nigh-dwellers he knew,' and
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marled or contracted matrimony with any pwsoo, that then every snche
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monaliyp and tho implementes. But a man the wliicbe
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and physician by proicflaion, had ovdyhad tke disease seyeai
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quite deeply by the Eomanowsky method, I have known them mistaken for haemogregarines
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be, to aim at covering the wound with those portions of integu-