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5 23. Our next notice is from Boordc's Fifth Letter, to Cromwell,
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To mucho of Eugiyshe hero, dyuera tymca I do fake. 4
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experiments on a small scale have not shown any signs of risk in this last direction.
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Seroot fly {sec also Tabanidai), carrier of T. cimnsi, 52
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they do loue no war, nor bate, nor strife, nor they lone
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' A wronglj repeaM "goyonga fortlio in theyr lomey, the
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NicoUe and Manceaux (1909). — " Inoculation sous-eutanee du virus du kala-azar au singe."
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tn this species the urine is discharged frequently, either mixed
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' See Babees Book, p. 222, ko, * be chycken A ; be chyckens B.
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3. Left upper arm grutrth. — Parasites fairly numerous. Coccoid bodies and pink
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I concluded that the river water was finding its way into the wells and, considering
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with soda, until Dr. Pearson lately endeavooittd to prove itto be potash. MjT
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the letters in Ellis, made a note of their " trust yow no Skott," ii.
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Goodsou, J. A., Meteorological work of, Khartoum 26
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"Secondly, the guiding principles that assist a water analyst in arriving at a conclusion,
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spirochietosis, Malta fever, the febrile dysenteries, the fever due to hepatitis, cerebro-
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wards applied, it destroys the coagulum which would otherwise
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Prior Horde docs not seem to have needed any intercession on
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ranging over a very considerable variety of Scientific Subjects. Contains 334 pages, including
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much at your service, I took exception to the title, and for two reasons. In the first
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bo watered ; & beware of the Bnoffe of candelles, and of
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filled the pelvis so much as to keep the head up almost out of
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native woman aged 45, who had suffered from a swelling in her breast since childhood.
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and I have not latterly been able to obtain foreign breeds which, moreover, are very
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u Don Simon, aged 48, was healdiy and corpulent till within
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thyngea. ^oneCorp[u]B Christy daye* youshal behous- »• iiirirMi m
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quantities for another three days, and the diet should consist of meat, bread, milk, but no
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of the watching, ^ she so completely forgot her situadon," saj^
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bodies resemVjling the vermicules of haemogregarines but nuich more minute. They vary " Cnckit-
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eatynge broyled and fryed meates, or meates that be dryed in the
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employees calls for attention, when one remembers that they are far more under the
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