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wyse not to go, nor to take any" open ayer. For auche
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seen alternately advancing and receding down the flagellum for about a third of its length.
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which waves to aud fro. The appearance may be roughly imitated by making a
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of their cases the parasites of Leishmania were either few or wholly absent from the lesions.
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spirochetal xrouules I have now foiiud that the granule shcddiug does occur in the peripheral blood uuder
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Ulcer in the Nose ; and hote then to blow your None.
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of water; but happening to step into the room while she was
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Extrauagantea in the ende of this boko." — FoL xsxiL
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I do not intend here to enter into the question of the curious rod-shaped liodies
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which it passed with lint, so that, if possible, its attachasent
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be suffered. Oldomonraayo drynke, as I sayde, hyghe
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9. A careful record of all cases of kala-azar should be sent half-yearly by Senior
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which various observers have found in the intestine."
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the mountajTiea fyftone myle of, at a cyte called Uhnos, uim., when.
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How a man who wrote go graretj, and eshiluted in his writing
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aince that time to this, almosr thirty yean, I have had no -sort
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2. A small indefinite central spot with centre 73-5/i from the anterior extremity of
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stain more deeply than their general substance. They take on tlie chromatin colour
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scarcely necessary to add that the chick was protected from tick-bite. (Later knowledge would point to free
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amelioration of the patient's condition, and one is inclined to agree with the remarks
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And in my clothes dyuers tymea I slepo ; 1 "J i ndm .Imp m
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■ See Brand's Antiquities, ed. Ellis, iii. 140—160, Boorde also believed in
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'■ Patton, W. S. (1908), Rerpeionumas lygcei. Arch.f. Protistenk.
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Great Btuilmares we hryng vp in Flaundora ; 7 W" "H ™r
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which she did habituaUy, it produced a flow of mucus from the
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closely allied to that in the intestine of the mole, though its habitat is not in the nucleus.
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Now though this ia part of an imaginary eonvetsation, yet
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chcpa, Tho countroy is plnyn, and ful of fartylyto.
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Judging from this examination there was a change for the worse in the patient's
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hnyldynge, not onely for liie owno proper commodita,
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bacillus, still, in this instance, one could not hope to gain much information from them
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connection with the small intestines were greatly enlarged and of a deep maroon colour,
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Monkey D died on the 65th day from a mixed infection of tuberculosis and
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4. Fish must be kept in the main gudwals, and the latter must be re-stocked witli
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always subject to bad temper. Thus I call those fooU who wished
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