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1. X Bodies in Human Blood from a Case of Intermittent Urticaria
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Yi^t the mynde of man is so occupied abouto worldly matters and
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lity, was Well qualified fer the purpose. When it was known diat
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Curious Plate VII., fig. 7, shows an appearance noted in a polychromatophilic red cell from
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Hon. 8. But that matter being irksome to many in those days, waa '
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Archaeological Society for 1861 (vol. xiii, p. 262) — and I suppose
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fAysts pubis, was in itti natural directinn, as much as the pres-
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a tropical country, organisms, belonging to Class III. alone, are found in water samples.
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above all other Medicines in the world ; it cleareth the eye-sigbt, gArdeth
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CrampH iTnges, an<l w gynea withoat mony or peticioa. Also Tor the Cnunpe,
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and has termed tliem beaded threads. I have also observed these and I was at
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a blood culture was carried out and a vaccine made of the above-mentioned bacillus. The
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mometer, which a gendeman had put into her hand, in order
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In several cases the peripheral blood was watery and spread on the slides extremely
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rslly in a damp state, and had an urinous smell, (to conceal
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that tradition only assigns to Boorde : Tho Merie Tides of the Mad
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for compactness and conipleatness of Oaemarron, I never yet saw a
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serves to add <x>nfirmation to the evidence of pollution.
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contains some of his most characteristic passages, and will^ I hopoj
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9. Her dread of all e x peri me nts whe^everm Thus, on one oc-
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but the majority were simply blue homogeneous looking cells. Similar " blue bodies" had
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p. 195, 1910) which may be found useful by laboratory workers in the Tropics, though it
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colour, and gelatinous conmstencci mixed with some serum or
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The crisis has occurred and the blood appears to be wholly free.
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be, " Do not put too much trust in the native Inspector, however efficient he may
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myoneme on each side of it, except in the case of the first and last, where the anterior
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indefinite fever in the Military Hospital, Khartoum, and in smears of blood obtained by splenic puncture in
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1. Portion of villus with nearly every cell infected. On the right, young niacrogameiocytes with two young microganietocytes about
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conduct. She complained of debility and of pain in tiie abdomen.
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fysshea as wyll cleue to the fyngera whan a man duth
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curious degeneration they may undergo, especially when the temperature is raised. The
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irienda, serenda. penenda, exininda, eMiminda, ouioinda,
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Veuysc, at the fyr^t huwaa that I cam to except oon, tile good luaa of
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nc$s -about the back and beiljr much better^ poke 98; tongoi^
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•iDg my finger stmngly on the part, I forced it into a large
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herpetoinonad moves forward by means of its posterior end, while the flagellum trails
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termed filaments, but one must not forget that under artificial conditions lymphocytes
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The alimentary diverticula and contents exhibited no granules or spirocha-tes. rerhajjs this was duo to
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or, as ho says elsewhere, " Muntpilior ia the most nobilist vniucTsite
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reprinting the Dyetary, and that you will thereby have corrected
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recent work of Nicolle and Manceaux'' we now know tliat, under certain conditions,
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a fether, or a Roaemary braunche, or els with hia finger, or els let h3'm
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1-6. Uodics rcbcinbling the LeUhman-Donovan parasite. 7-9. Intermediate Mane*.
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bottle, tlie other almost flush with the base of the cork.
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increase in the number of bodies took place. On the same date some drops of its
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ceyt and vsery in enery comer and place. And if euint Peter and
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December W, 1909. 96-hours' agar culture. Further increase of bacillary forms. Involution
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reprehensyon. These matters hero nede not' to ba re-