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' Brnmpt, E. (November 25, 1906), "Lcs mycetomes." Arch, rle Parnsil., Vol. X., No. 4.

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Sanitary Inspector pursuing, on horseback, one of these dames who had reverted to her

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and the end of the column of cell nuclei. These latter are not nearly so distinct as in

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and to El Yousbashi Nesib Eff. Barudi, S.M.D. for his invaluable help both in our

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1, 2. Unknown and peculiar bodies in the guinea-fowl

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are occasionally to be found in the cell cytoplasm, and at this stage the flagellum may

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"generations" of bodies, all completing their cycle of development at or about the same

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learned from t6is imperfect trial, is, that Ann Moore was no(

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shudad, bi Amanillah" (We are all well, God be praised), but a walk through the village and

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in death, and post mortem spirochetes may be found in the organs.

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Third Report, IVellconie Tropical Research. Laboratories, jt. 100.

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nat ; and whan thou woldest nat, they wolde ; and yf they haue the

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tbe affiaiiiea, ia eonseqtfence of which the alkali is transferred

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Captain K. G. Archibald, M.B., R.A.M.C., attached E.A.

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the Philoaophical Magazine for August 1805.* This is mention-

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and vacuolated bodies found by Castellani and Willey in human febrile cases and by

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be the judge, and found, amongst the avian candidates, one hen dying apparently from

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very prominent abdomen, which was tight as a drum. The skin was somewhat dry

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him make an exortacion, tluii, he should let the Camell U" iwpia <•«•

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them, but, personally, I do not see why fat particles by a process of osmosis might not

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